Many aspects of our work surrounding our main business of dome installations have required “one-of-a-kind” and “first-of-its kind” cutting-edge technology and interactivity.  Because of that, we have built a track record of brining the impossible to life in a variety of specialties.

Every job is different. We are a company who knows all of the latest proven technology and is familiar with the process of bringing the impossible to life.

We love it when a client says, “Can you do this?” Because we can do it.  And we have a lot of fun every time.

We’re in active partnership with the world’s most established providers of interactive experiences.

Our ability to match the right technology with the right requirements and then integrate all of it into amazing experiences is unrivaled.

Example – Interactive projection mapped wall, and Interactive floor.

When the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) held their annual CEO Summit at the Grand Del Mar resort near San Diego, CA, they looked to our team to provide an interactive, 3D stereo, and projection mapping experience that even their discerning audience would be impressed by. We were up for the task.

We transformed the ballroom into a portal into another time and place by projection mapping onto the walls of the room.

Our production team utilized the features of the space by mapping to some areas of the wall that had padded cloth features and ornate framing to create virtual windows whereby the audience was able to see ‘through’ to other landscapes and interior shots of larger and even more elaborate structures from European palaces and cathedrals.

To add yet another element with projection mapping, we used real-time generative graphics and allowed the guests to play games and interact on the walls via tabled devices located at each dinner table. These tablets enabled the guests to interact with the projection mapping by playing games, painting on the walls, and interacting with images that were taken of them as they entered the room.

Example – Vortex Designed Interactive Wall

Cutting-Edge interactive walls  for Vertex Pharmaceuticals and the Idea Forum.  Vortex has been at the forefront of rolling out out new innovations with our partners.  

As new innovations in LED panel technology become available, Vortex will be a go-to source for integrating it into your vision.

Interactive floor technology has evolved from sensor-based gesture interactive animations to full-fledged video integrated panels.  The resolution of these panels is getting better and better, with a new 2.9 dot pitch panel expected later this year.  Combined with rugged, waterproof  tempered glass construction and built in interactive sensors,interactive floors have reached new levels of magic.

Vortex has teamed up with the best manufacturers and suppliers from overseas to create a U.S. based distribution and support structure for these components,   We offer design, installation, custom software and experience creation and training.

In the past, durable interactive bar solutions have involved complicated sensors and projection based, low intensity Image solutions.  Vortex and its partners deployed that technology for several clients with quality results.

Today, a revolution in touch sensitive surfaces, streamlined display technology and durability have opened up a world of possibilities.

Vortex has active partnerships to develop unique applications in concert with the best suppliers these kinds of components in the world.

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