Vortex is a pioneer in creating spectacular immersive experiences in dome environments and custom applications. Take a look at the variety of interactive creations we have engineered.


    Childish Gambino’s Pharos Concert Dome (Joshua Tree CA)

    Vortex Immersion served as the Immersive venue designer for a series of 5 sold-out Childish Gambino concerts over 3 days in 160’ air-supported 4k projection dome. Provided 2500 capacity dome venue, 12-projector fulldome projection system and pixel mapping of Microsoft’s real-time Unity3D generated graphics running 4k x 4k frames at 60 fps.

    Meatwad Full Dome Adult Swim at Comic-Con (San Diego CA)

    At San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Vortex Immersion made a splash for Adult Swim fans. The crowd had a chance to experience their favorite TV shows like never before with the Meatwad Fulldome Experience. Located at Petco Park, the 36’ Geodesic Immersive Dome featured a state of the art digital projection system. Fans were transported through a mind-boggling interdimensional space roller coaster.

    Dr. Strange Billboard (Sunset Strip LA)


    Vortex Immersion Media produced projection mapping to create the “portal” effect on a Dr. Strange billboard located on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles

    PepCity Dome (Super Bowl Boulevard – Bryant Park, NYC)

    Vortex Immersion managed the large-venue projection system design and execution for 80’ dome projection system and media operations at the hottest ticket in town during the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Boulevard in Bryant Park NY.

    Ceremony Live 360° with James Hood (Los Angeles, CA)

    Vortex Immersion partnered with percussionist James Hood to create a feature length live 360° performance called Ceremony, named after his top selling album. Ceremony Live 360 debuted in the Vortex Dome LA and performed an 8-show residency in 2015 before embarking on a global planetarium tour. James is continuing to work with Vortex on a VR experience and a new 360 show for his upcoming album. Also see http://theartofsoundgallery.com/site/ceremony

    Nike Los Fearless Dome at NBA All Stars Weekend (Hollywood, CA)

    Vortex Immersion supported NBA All- Star weekend in 2011 with this 5000 sq. ft Quad Dome for Nike Los Fearless campaign at Hollywood and Vine. Also see http://dimemag.com/2011/02/nike-sportswear-presents-los-fearless-at-hollywood-vine/

    Constantine 4D Theater at Comic Con (San Diego, CA)

    Vortex Immersion produced a 360-degree 4D Theater at Comic-Con 2014 San Diego for NBC, WB, and DC Comics to promote the launch of TV series Constantine. The Fulldome immersive experience located in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, featured a 3-minute show produced and directed by our team. The 50’ geodesic dome featured 50 theater seats, a custom printed cover, 360-degree projection system, 5.1 surround and 4D special effects including wind and strobes. Audiences were thrilled with the experience!

    Superbowl 2012 Xbox Kinect Dome (New Orleans, LA)

    For the 2nd year in a row, Xbox Kinect chose our team to deliver an immersive and interactive dome experience for their Play60 partnership with the NFL during Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, LA. Vortex erected 50′ and 24′ geodesic domes with internal and external projection mapping. Inside the dome, we pioneered and developed a Kinect interactive fulldome application allowing guests to play the Kinect directly onto the immersive projection display.

    BizBash After Party (Los Angeles, CA)


    Vortex Immersion teamed up with the Event Planners Association to produce the BizBash After Party at the Vortex Dome LA located on the Los Angeles Center Studios lot. Event planners were treated to a wide variety of programming including a live dome performance by Amrita Sen and Anthony Marinelli, projection mapped dance performance by 7 Star Sun, live DJ performance with Mad Mappers, augmented reality by Daqri, and a wide range of digital interactives.

    Superbowl 2012 Xbox Kinect Dome Prefontaine Classic

    Display design and executive production for 60’ dome venue at the nation’s premier track & field meet featuring a uniquely designed 6-projector panoramic dome projection system including overhead oculus and circular truss support of video and lighting systems plus a central “holographic” display.


    Dome Experience for Nike We Run Manila 2015 (Manila, Philippines)

    Display design, video mapping and executive production of 10-minute interactive show for 60’ dome venue as part of the world’s largest women’s race series. Includes 60’ dome and fulldome projection system. RFID readers were used to incorporate personalized interactive content from runners attending each show, including runner stats, photo, signature and personal message.

    IBM Open for Data Immersion Dome (Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas)

    Vortex Immersion provided 80’ diameter projection dome and real-time 3D media for panels, talks, VJ parties and more at IBM’s InterConnect conference in Las Vegas.



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