(Experimental Design Studio, 29 Mat 2014) – Vortex Immersion Media and the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity invite you to MORPHOS, a one night immersive video experience featuring the world premiere of new experimental immersive and interactive video art in the Vortex LA Dome. MORPHOS will take the audience on unique immersive audio visual journeys, ranging from cultural amalgams of human past, present and future to interactive performance and poetic underwater expressions of dolphins and whales. The event will take place on the L.A. Center Studios campus on Friday, June 27, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

MORPHOS will highlight the work of five artist-in-residence in addition to a reel of international fulldome artwork curated by Ethan Bach. MORPHOS is a collaboration between Vortex Immersion Media, Bach Multimedia, and c3 as a way to expand visual arts into the immersive dome. Vortex is one of the first domes in the world to house software allowing artists to expand on the immersive experience through easy playback, interactivity, and audience generative art.

Artists in Residence include; Ganesh Rao, duo Marina Masic and Jakob LeBaron, Lawrence Curtis and Torie Zalben. Each artist will work in the dome for the month of June to create their work.

Ganesh Rao’s work is a collective narrative through an interactive audio visual performance using a generative system and has themed his work from mythological narratives and scriptures of eastern and oriental cultures.

Marina Masic and Jakob LeBaron’s work is a multi sensory environment to cultivate media installations to be used in conjunctive therapy sessions to address deficits and traumas.

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