(RHIZOME, 19 March 2014) – Vortex Immersion Media is pleased to announce our call for work for MORPHOS, a fulldome arts event at Vortex Dome LA. This event is the premier showcase of contemporary artwork by promising international fulldome artists. With an open-ended theme, we seek work that makes use of the dome for its artistic potential rather than as a museum presentation or traditional fulldome show. All thematic concepts will be considered.

MORPHOS seeks experiments, abstractions, and aural immersions. This event is part of a larger effort to support fine arts in the dome and allow artists access to this medium. Vortex’s exhibition submission is entry-fee free. The exhibition is open to any artists in the world. The artworks will become part of a larger show of presentations by our first International Artist in Residence program held June 2014.

Vortex Dome LA is a state of the art facility located at the heart of L.A. Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles. The dome is 50 feet in diameter with a multi projector system displaying a 2.8k seamless image. The Vortex Dome Server allows on-the-fly slicing for drag and drop playing of dome masters, real time video mixing, multi image display, and external sensor integration for interactive works. Vortex Immersion Media specializes in production and design for effects, gaming, interactive, experiential themed entertainment and immersive dome installation. www.vortexdomes.com

Submission Deadline: May 9, 2014 / Submission is Free
Event: Friday, June 27, 2014

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