VORTEX 360 VR is a showcase platform for VORTEX VR content and for fulldome immersive projects produced and presented in the The Vortex Dome CineTheater. Here are clips from The Art of Sound Live Presents:  “Experience Refractor Piano™ Music with Peter Manning Robinson” which was recently presented at The Vortex Dome CineTheater™ as a Vortex Immersion Media, Vista Haven Productions & Image Music Co-Production:



Fireflies PMR 360 Vortex Dome Sample


Precipice – Peter Manning Robinson-Vortex Dome-360


“The dome was truly the highlight of the night. From dancing skeletons to psychedelic worlds, the dome’s animation and structure gave way to a much more in-depth, immersive experience into the music.”

           – Billboard Magazine review of Childish Gambino’s Pharos